How Can I Buy Stuff on from India?

Published: 03rd November 2010
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If you are anywhere in India and you are into online shopping through, you may rave about the fact that you can now buy anything you like from the Website without much hassle. You may know by now that the online shopping store can only commit to sell and deliver light items to Indian customers because of logistical limitations. Now, you can further enjoy USA shopping through Amazon.comís wide variety of items-for-sale and at low prices, even if you intend to purchase more than one item. is not yet offering other options when delivering purchased items to India but this should not stop you from enjoying online shopping through the Website. You can easily get an account in a third-party package forwarding service that is also operating online. The most recommended service of such type is The service makes it possible for shoppers from almost anywhere in the world to continue enjoying online shopping at the Website. delivers to up to 220 nations and territories globally, including India.

How does the service work? will provide you with a unique physical USA address in North Carolina (where the company is headquartered). You can use the US shopping address when making purchases for delivery via (and all other US-based online sellers). The address is not even a Post Office Box. Thus, you can be sure there will be no hassle when delivers the purchased items to your address.

From there, your purchased item will be stored in OneUSAaddress.comís own warehouse. The service will take care of delivering the item to your address in India. It can take just about three to five days before you can expect the item to be delivered right to your own doorstep from your USA address. It is that easy. The advantage of using the service is that you can now buy in the USA just about anything you want through Gone are the days when you have to limit your purchases to books and other small items just because does not deliver heavy and bulky items to India.
Not only that. Now, you can enjoy the freedom of buying as many items from as you like. Since the Website does not deliver multiple items at the same time, you can have them all delivered to your US shopping address. There, you can authorize to consolidate the items and send them as one bulk package to you. It can involve repacking if you want to save on costs or you can instruct the company to just consolidate packaged items into one huge delivery box before it is delivered to India.

To enjoy the advantage and usefulness of and at the same time take a splurge on USA shopping via, it is best if you would get an account now. Go to the official Website of the company and complete the registration process in just a few minutes. You can instantly get your new USA address so you can proceed to shopping anytime.

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